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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Kickboxing Workout

If you want to get the most out of your kickboxing workout sessions, be sure to keep in mind these following tips. Work on your fighting stance. Incorrect form can severely hamper just how effective your kickboxing worko uts can be. Not only that, it can also

5 Reasons Why Kickboxing Workout Is Good For You

Kickboxing as a workout is usually referred to as cardio kickboxing and it’s something where practitioners don’t challenge themselves on who’s the better fighter, but rather on their overall fitness. If you’ve recently heard of kickboxing workout classes and thought that it may be a good idea

12 Kickboxing Training Tips for Beginners to Help Them Spar Better

12 Kickboxing Training Tips for Beginners to Help Them Spar Better If you’re like any other beginner out there, you most likely found your first few rounds of sparring to be extremely challenging, to say the least. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Here are 12

5 Kickboxing Training Tips To Help You Improve Your Defense

The best defense isn’t the best offense, regardless of what many self-defense and martial arts schools teach you. Rather, the best defense is where you don’t get, or you’re hit much less frequently. Realistically, you’re going to get hit in any fight. However, how hard and how

9 Tips To Help Beginners Improve Their Kickboxing Technique

Whether you’re in it for the cardio, or for self-defense, or you really want to fight sometime, be sure to follow these 9 training tips below to help yourself improve and become a better kick boxer. Warm or and cool down. Before beginning every training session, it’s

Basic Tips For a Better Kickboxing Technique

Kickboxing is an easy sport to get into, but fairly difficult to learn once you get into the more advanced stages. Those who’re into it just for fitness need not worry much about this, but those who want to learn how to truly defend themselves or want

What To Look For In A Kickboxing School

Kickboxing is one of the fastest rising full-contact sports around and it’s because the cardiovascular benefits are just simply amazing. Whether you’re in it to be in the sport or just for fitness, kickboxing is a nice hobby to pick up. Follow these tips below to make

Kickboxing or Muay Thai – Aren’t They The Same

Most people think that kickboxing and Muay Thai are the same, which exactly isn’t true. While both sports are similar, the two are different enough for you to not to confuse them with each other. Muay Thai For starters, Muay Thai is, at least, a thousand years

What You Need To Know Before You Go Kickboxing

Whether you just plan on learning how to defend yourself, or be a bit more coordinated, or just want to have a kickass cardio workout, kickboxing is going to be good for you. These days, you’ll find kickboxing classes focusing on just about anything, from self-defense, to

Essential Kickboxing Equipment You Need For Your Home Gym

Kickboxing is a great hobby to pick up. It’s great for your body, it’s good for self-defense and it’s even better for your fitness. However, it’s not easy to find time to go to the gym and actually train there, which is why having a home gym